Education & Training

Ohio provides the Ohio War Orphan & Severely Disabled Veterans Scholarship Program (60% service connected), which provides financial grants to the eligible children of some Ohio veterans. Although this program does not provide total cost for education, many who receive its benefits are also eligible for educational assistance from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Click here to download the application.

The Ohio Promise is an educational program that allows any veteran to attend any state supported school in the State of Ohio and pay in-state resident rates.

Military Injury Relief Fund

The Military Injury Relief Fund grants a one-time, tax-exempt monetary payment to military service members injured in active service as a member of the armed forces of the United States while serving after October 7, 2001, and to individuals diagnosed with posttraumatic stress while serving after October 7, 2001.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Documentation of the awarding of the Purple Heart in accordance with Title 10, Ch.57 of the U.S. Code, Ch.32 of the Code of Federal Regulations, and other applicable federal laws.
  • Documentation of the combat-related injury and documentation showing that this injury resulted in awarding of a Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB), Combat Action Ribbon (CAR), or Combat Action Badge (CAB) or its equivalent.
  • Documentation of a combat-related injury not covered above, primarily including, but not limited to, traumatic brain injury, injury caused by detonation of an improvised explosive device (IED), or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Documentation of PTSD must include medical diagnosis.

Location in Ohio Law: Ohio Revised Code 5902.05
Contact: Applications can be completed at each of the 88 County Veterans Service Offices. Call 877-OHIO-VET (877-644-6838), select option 2

Ohio Veterans Homes

The Ohio Veterans Homes are comprised of three facilities at two locations:

  • A home located near Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio(approximately 60 miles west of Cleveland) which offers standard and special care in its licensed nursing home.
  • The Sandusky home also offers Veterans Hall, a domiciliary(DOM) for those who are able to function in an independent living situation, and DOM+ for those requiring very limited assistance (supervised care) but who do not require the level of care provided to nursing home residents.
  • A home located in scenic, rural Georgetown, Ohio(approximately 45 miles east of Cincinnati), which offers skilled nursing services providing two levels of nursing care: standard care and secure care.


You need to be an Ohio resident for one year, at any time during lifetime.

  • Served on active duty during a time of war or armed conflict or be the recipient of the Purple Heart, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Navy/Marines Corps Expeditionary Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, or Southwest Asia Service Medal.
  • Have received their most recent discharge under honorable conditions.
  • Be disabled by disease, wounds, or otherwise and, by reason of such disability, incapable of earning a living.
  • Individuals who are current drug and alcohol abusers, psychotics, or have active tuberculosis are not eligible for immediate admission.

Location in Ohio Law: Ohio Revised Code 5907
Contact Phone Number: 800-572-7934

More Information

Go to the Ohio Department of Veterans Services Website to view and print a pre-admission form and application.

License Plates & Driver’s License

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles has many military/veteran license plates available to eligible veterans as well as special license offers.

Driver’s License

The following benefits are available for license and license plate:

  • 100 percent service-connected disabled Veterans are eligible for a free driver’s license.
  • Upon renewal of a driver’s license, all Ohio Veterans with a valid DD-214 can receive a free “Armed Forces” stamp on their license, which can qualify them for retail discounts.

Military License Plates

Ohio has over 40 varieties of military license plates including:

  • Active duty plates
  • Reservists plates
  • Ohio National Guard plates
  • Combat plates
  • Gold Star Family plates

These special plates cost the same as a regular plate, and normal vehicle registration fees apply; however, there is no additional charge for these plates if a system-assigned number (not reserved or personalized) is selected.


The following eligibility criteria must be met.

  • Veterans must present their DD-214 at the BMV in order to obtain a special military/Veteran plate.
  • The DD-214 must confirm the plate type requested (i.e. if you request a Purple Heart plate, your DD-214 must show you received a Purple Heart).

Free License Plates

License plates are available at no charge to:

  • 100 percent service-connected disabled Veterans.
  • Medal of Honor recipients.
  • Former Prisoners of War (POWs)
  • Purple Heart recipients

Contact Information
Phone: 800-589-8247 (8am – 5pm)
Website Information: Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles OPlates


Homestead Exemption

Veterans who are rated by the VA as 100 percent permanently and totally disabled due to a service-connected disability, are eligible for expanded Homestead Exemption property tax relief on their primary residential home. Instead of the $25,000 allowed for other eligible 65-and-older or permanently disabled applicants, eligible Veterans can exempt $50,000 of the assessed value of their primary residential home from property taxes, meaning that a home valued at $150,000 will only be taxed at a value of $100,000. These Veterans are also exempt from the $30,000 limit on annual income applied to other applicants; eligible Veterans have no limit on their annual income.


  • Veterans rated by the VA as 100 percent disabled due to a service-connected disability, without regard to annual income, and their surviving spouses who occupy the same home as the eligible Veteran.
  • The expanded Homestead Exemption applies to tax years 2014 and forward.

Location in Ohio Law: Ohio Revised Code 323.152

Application and Contact Information

Application must be made through the County Auditor in the county where the home is located In Morrow County. You can contact the Morrow County Auditor’s office at:

Phone: 419-946-8055

Recreation Benefits

Free Hunting License

This license is available to 100 percent disabled Veterans (as rated permanently and totally disabled by the VA) or former POWs.

Contact the “Hunting & Fishing Licenses for qualified Veterans” program. Their number is 800-WILDLIFE (945-3543).

Free Fishing License

This license is also available to 100 percent disabled Veterans (as rated permanently and totally disabled by the VA) or former POWs.

Contact the “Hunting & Fishing Licenses for qualified Veterans” program. Their number is 800-WILDLIFE (945-3543).

Free Registration of Watercraft

This registration is available to 100 percent disabled Veterans (as rated permanently and totally disabled by the VA) or former POWs, or Medal of Honor recipients.
Contact the “Boating Licenses for qualified Veterans” program at 877-426-2837

Discounts at Ohio State Parks

This program makes free camping is available to 100 percent disabled Veterans (as rated permanently and totally disabled by the VA) or former POWs. Also, a 10 percent discount on camping, getaway rentals, cottages, and lodge rooms is available to active duty military and Veterans.

Website Information: Ohio Department of Natural Resources